10 Worst Gift Ideas You should never give
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10 Worst Gift Ideas That You Should Never Give

10 worst gift ideas you should never give

A great gift brings a smile to a person’s face, so does a bad one. But the smile would be an infinitely awkward one.

To know what’s the least favorite gifts people would like to receive, I have gathered some opinions and listed the TOP TEN below:

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10) Cutlery set

Cutlery set is not exciting for somebody who loves to cook nor loves to eat. Sometimes, they are just too pretty to be used and one set of those is simply too special to fit into your current cutlery basket (especially those with gold color coating!).

I’m pretty sure the first time you shop for your own cutleries, you don’t pick each of them with different designs. So, THEY JUST DON’T FIT IN.

Tips: The only time where you should give a cutlery set is when you know somebody is moving to a new house. You may want to give a cutlery set that comes with AT LEAST a set of 4 or a stainless steel knife set. Try not to give it during the house-warming party as it might be too late.

9) Piggybank

Worst gift ideas - piggybank
source: Flickr

Piggybank was one of the most popular gifts during my childhood. I’ve received at least 5 of them, though not all of them are pigs (some are cow, banana, etc).

Well, encouraging kids to save money is definitely a good practice, but a little more creativity is much appreciated. And if I had enough pennies to fill up 1 of them, I would have stored them into the bank already.

Tips: A piggy bank might not be an ideal gift, but I found it useful if you wish to have an adventure fund box with your partner and start saving a dollar a day for your future vacation.

8) Socks

Worst gift ideas - socks
source: Pexels

Number 8 – Socks, one of the worst gift ideas out there. They are popular gifts during the holiday season but they might not be as warm as you think.

Even kids wouldn’t get excited unboxing a pair socks eyy? Unless it has some glow in the dark function or have their favorite cartoons on it.

Just like shirts and sweaters, everyone has their own style and taste. Unless you are very certain with their sense of fashion, it’s not a good bet.

Tips: I honestly don’t recommend sending socks as gifts in the sense of fashion. You should only consider sending some thick wool socks if winter gets really cold at your place.

7) Flowers

worst gift ideas - flowers
source: Pexels

It might be a little surprising to have flowers on the list as they seem to be a MUST-HAVE for many celebrations and occasions like graduation, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s day.

Why? You may ask. It’s simple – flower bouquets are expensive, and they die too quickly. People are expecting to receive something more personal, meaningful and can last longer.

I remember receiving my first bouquet during my convocation, they were beautiful. 3 days later, the flowers began to wither and start attracting insects and flies. They ended in the bin, what a pity!

Tips: It’s totally understandable if you couldn’t resist the beauty of flowers despite its short lifetime. We love them very much too! You may want to consider getting this Real Roses That Last For a Year. Yes, they are real and last for 365 days.

6) Candle

worst gift ideas- candle
source: Pexels

Candles – oh the lovely scent! Yet, it is another worst gift idea you could have. They always ended up in the drawer or the cabinet. People are just not lighting up candles that often, especially for big families.

Maybe it’s more suitable for a romantic couple living together and it could be especially useful during a power cut! Oh anyway, not everyone is fancy of the lovely scent that you have imagined.

Tips: IF AND ONLY IF you are really out of gift idea for the not-so-close friend/coworker of yours and want to give out a candle, you can either buy a candle gift set with a light scent and a really nice gift box or a large candle jar that can burn up to 110 hours.

5) Notebook, pen, file and other stationeries

Worst gift ideas - notebook
source: Pexels

Welcome to the digital era where massive data can be stored into a piece of gadget smaller than the size of a thumb.

Keyboards have long taken over pens and people don’t carry notebooks around anymore. Even laptops are named as notebooks nowadays!

Although a notebook can come in handy sometimes, if it’s not a customized notebook (with the right size and thickness too!), it’s still a no-go gift.

Tips: If you were to give a notebook, it’s less sincere to simply pick a plain and normal one. Check out this cool refillable leather notebook and this leather folder that has a 101 years warranty.

4) Empty Picture Frame

worst gift ideas - picture frame
source: Pexels

Taking photos has never been easier, in a few seconds, you can have tens of them. People rarely print photos nowadays, Snapchat and Instagram is where they go. And if one really does, they always get the photo frame on their own.

Photos come in so many different sizes, giving an empty picture frame could hardly fits the need of the receiver. If you must give one, give it along with the printed photos of you all. That’s so much more memorable than an empty frame.

Tips: If you must give one, give it along with the printed photos of you all. That’s so much more memorable than an empty frame. Otherwise, you can consider a digital photo frame too.

3)Boring Mugs

worst gift ideas -mugs
source: Pexels

Top 3- Mugs! Has it come to your mind already? Mugs! Mundane, cheap, boring!

Everyone has way too many mugs in their cabinet and they definitely don’t need another collection. Not to mention those free mug they get from purchasing groceries.  

Speaking of mugs, my mum has been using the same mug she has 20 years ago, and it’s so dear to her. Just how many mugs do we get to use in our whole lives?? Maybe I’ll have to purposely break my favorite one just to use another.

Tips: There are tons of beautiful and cute mugs out there but hold your horses! They really don’t need them! Grab a coffee mug warmer or a hydroflask instead.

2) Souvenir

worst gifts idea- souvenir
source: Flickr

Please, nobody needs a fridge magnet nor a tourist T-shirt with a big I LOVE < insert place>. It shows no memory of the place that they haven’t been to themselves. I’ve tons of fridge magnet sticking on my fridge, I never remember who gave them to me.

Tips: Don’t give a fridge magnet as a gift for any occasion. If you want to share the joy of your recent vacation, some local snacks will be ideal!

1) Decorations

worst gift idea - decorations
source: Pexels

We’ve finally reached our TOP 1, the worst gift idea ever! Yes, snow globe, figurine, small statue, and all decorative items fall under this category. No matter how beautiful or cute the items are, they are simply useless. All they do are collecting dust, day by day.

Seasonal items are even worse, you don’t need to display the small scary pumpkin, hang the Christmas ornaments nor put up a snow globe that snows all year long. The storeroom will be their home if they could make it till next year.

Tips: We don’t recommend you to give decorative items at all, especially those seasonal ones! Please choose something else instead!

BONUS: We’ve found another worst of the worst gift idea!

ULTIMATE: Having yourselves shown up empty-handed, saying “ I’m the gift!”

source: Pexels

Please! It’s not funny or romantic! Don’t be a cheapskate! You are lucky enough if you don’t get a slap on your face.


Receiving a bad gift can be disappointing and you would want to avoid sending one.

A good gift should be more personal as they are less about the object, but more to the context. Buying a set of underwear to your spouse is sexy but giving them to your colleague is harassing! 🤣🤣🤣

Spend some time understanding what the person likes and what they need, the gift will eventually be much more appreciated. However, if Secret Santa is the game, you would still want to avoid these top ten.

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