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Hi, I’m Kathy, the creator of GiftsNDates.com. Thank you for visiting this gift blog! Let me share with you the story of GiftsNDates!

The Birth Of GiftsNDates

Since I was young, my dream was to open a gift shop. Gift stores have always been my favorite spots because I’ll get to see something new, pretty, exquisite and creative every time I visit there.

There is always something that I would like to buy as a gift but I never receive them. It’s kinda sad if you buy something from a gift shop for yourself, isn’t it? That’s why I never did…

Since then, the idea of owning a gift shop has been planted into my mind – so that I can see these mesmerizing gifts and spread the joy every day!

Happiness X Gift

Gifts are often associated with happiness. And I always believe

“The ability to give a gift is a blessing”

If I’m able to be a part of the gift-giving process, be it the one who suggests a unique gift idea, or the one that sells you the gift, I’d be delighted.

To me, the whole process of gift-giving is exciting and filled with surprise.

From the moment of exploring gift ideas, picking the gift with the thought of the receiver’s reaction to wrapping up the gift and eventually handing the gift to the receiver. The process is definitely a blissful one.

GiftsNDates.com – Unique Gift Ideas for Every Important Dates

Apparently, I have not enough funds to open a gift shop physically nor online. Therefore, I chose the alternative route which is to put up a website and provide gift ideas to everyone around the world.

All the gift ideas you found on this website are handpicked by me or other trustable partners who love gift as much as I do.

We also write about topics that are related to gifts, celebrations, and relationships from time to time.

To be transparent and fair to you, we’d like to inform you that GiftsNDates may earn an affiliate commission when you make a purchase through some of the links on this website. It will not affect the price you pay.

This is to maintain the operation of this website. But worry not! Because these commissions never make us biased, we’ll only pick gift ideas that are truly good.

The Aim of GiftNDates

The aim of GiftNDates is to provide the best gift ideas and solutions to you so that you could avoid having the worst gift ideas.

We always try to look for the best and unique product in the market because we believe gifts are precious and they will make wonderful memories. We will give our best effort in making sure that the items that we recommend

  • have high ratings
  • are convenient to buy
  • have a reasonable price
  • are sold by reputable websites/sellers

to ensure the quality of the product that we recommend and your hassle-free experience.

We hope you are happy and inspired the moment you leave our website!

Written by Kathy W.

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