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10 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Gift

Have you been sending the RIGHT GIFT all this while? What’s meant by the right gift anyway? Was it something beautiful? Was it something functional or was it something that lasts long? There’s a lot to consider if you really want to buy the person a right or even perfect gift. Here we’ve listed 10 things that you should consider when buying a gift.

1. Your Budget

consider your budget when buying a gift

Yes, the very first thing that you should consider when buying a gift is your budget. A gift should never cost you an arm and leg no matter how important the occasion is. If the cost of a gift can strain you financially and affect your daily life, you should let it go.

It’s understandable that sometimes you might require to give a more valuable gift to a respectable person such as your boss or your future father-in-law. However, you should never go overboard because that might leave them an impression that you are trying to flatter them.

Getting a thoughtful yet moderately priced gift might have a higher chance of impressing them! Say, getting a Personalized desk Name Plate for your boss and Back and Neck Massager for your future father-in-law. Sounds good right?

As for people that are truly close to you, memories and appreciation are much important compared to monetary value.

Memories are priceless.

A DIY gift might be monetarily cheap, but they are one-of-a-kind, extremely meaningful and will be very much appreciated especially when you put your heart and soul into the making.

2. Their Needs

consider their needs when buying a gift

Giving somebody something they need at the right time is like helping a lame dog over a stile. It is the ideal case of defining a RIGHT gift. But, how can we know what they need? Well, just ask them!

“Hey, I’m working on my Christmas list, is there anything you want?” or even more straightforward “What do you want for Christmas?”. If you are lucky, you get an answer. And if you do, don’t hesitate to buy it if it’s within your budget since the person has already spoken out!

But I believe, in most of the cases, you will only get answers like

“It’s OK, you don’t have to get me anything”, “I don’t know”, “Anything will do” and etc. Please don’t be silly to get them literally anything or don’t buy them a gift at all. You just have to put more effort into figuring out what they need.

Looking back at the past, have they ever complained about their situation, their broken belongings or something that they are not happy with? Maybe it’s a cracked screen protector or an uncomfortable working environment.

THINK whether there’s anything you can do in order to improve their situation or bring them convenience. An umbrella may not sound like a great gift, but they’ll be so thankful to receive one when they don’t have it on a rainy day!

3. Their Interests

consider their interest when buying a gift

If they already have everything in the world they need, it’s time to test how well you know them. Is the person a gamer? Does the person love drawing? Is she a fashionista? Is he a fan of a band? Are they frequent travelers? Giving them a gift related to their interests will delight them.

If you really have no clue of what their interests are, then it’s time to STALK. Look up their social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. What category of post they frequently shared? Who are they following? What kind of group are they joining? What are their hobbies?

If it’s Pinterest, get them that particular product that they have pinned if there’s one. Don’t be too aggressive and end up liking all her posts and pictures. It would be too obvious and scare them off too.

Another way is to check out their wish list. If they frequently visit a website, find out whether a wish list is available on the platform. Websites like Amazon and Pandora do allow you to search for a person’s wish list that they’ve made available publicly.

Here’s the link to teach you how to find a wish list on Amazon and Pandora.

If you are really bad with the Internet stuff, why not ask the people around her? Ask her friend, family or colleague what she likes!

4. The Occasion  

consider the occasion when buying a gift

The occasion of the gift-giving is another important thing that you should consider when buying a gift. Let’s say you know a guy that likes a football club to bits and you get him a jersey of the club as a gift on his wedding day. That’s not so related to the occasion.

Another example is getting her a new purse on her housewarming day. That doesn’t make much sense too. Worst of the worst, giving a gag gift as a sympathy gift. You are a moron. Keep in mind, always give something appropriate, related and make sense.

5. Your Relationship with Them

close friend

Be clear of what’s the relationship between you and the person. Don’t cross the border.

You should never buy something too expensive for those that you are not very close to. They may feel overwhelmed or flattered. Don’t gift a ring to somebody that’s not even your close friend if you don’t wish to get rejected mercilessly.

In contrast, you should always give your best in searching for special and memorable gifts for people that are close and important in your life. They will have expectations and you don’t want to fail them! It’s also the best time to show your appreciation towards them. We always think personalized gifts are the best choice as they are as unique as the person.

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6. The Message You Want to Convey

the message you want to convey

Another thing that you should consider when buying a gift is the message you want to convey through the gift. Know the purpose of your gift-giving. Was the message “I love you and I want to be with you forever!” or “Please take better care of yourself!” or” Don’t forget about me!” or a simple “Thank you!”? Pick a gift that could speak your mind.

If you want it to be obvious, choose a personalized gift and write your message on it. Similarly, you can pass your message through a greeting card or a letter on top of the gift. A personal message can always touch their hearts better.

7. Usability and Lifetime of The Gift

consider the Usability and life time of the gift

You should always think of the usefulness and lifetime of a gift when picking one. You don’t wish your gift to end up in a dusty corner or the bin in just a month, right? Send the person something useful and can be used for a long time.

Although we like flowers and chocolates, we don’t suggest you to gift them as a standalone gift. They are less special and have a short lifetime. Also, you don’t buy a gaming keyboard to a technotard right? It’s a waste!

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8. Experience or Physical Gift

giving an experience gift

When it comes to choosing the best gift, you should not only consider physical gifts. An experience gift is a standout and could bring back so much memory in the future!

Bring her to her favorite band concert, invite her to her dream restaurant, take her to the hot air balloon festival that she has been mentioning so many times! Exhibition, events, services, activities, whatever it is!

9. How Much Time Do You Have?

Consider the time you have when buying a gift

We’ve been emphasizing how much we prefer personalized gifts due to their specialty. However, if you only have 2 days lefts until the gift-giving day. Forget about personalization. Even if the delivery could make it, the last-minute idea may not always be the best.

A great gift-giving experience should always be planned. Don’t do everything at the last minute and cross your fingers that the delivery service could make it in time. They could go wrong easily.

10. Their Family, Pets, and Home

Family, pets and home

Lastly, what you should consider when buying a gift is their family, pet and living condition. You should probably avoid sending glass items if there are toddlers or active child in the family. In addition, don’t gift a plant that might be poisonous for pets. Sometimes, giving a pet gift to the owner could make the owner as happy as getting a gift for himself too.

On the other hand, know the living condition of the gift receivers. Do they live in a flat or a landed house? You don’t want to give a lawnmower to those who live in a flat!

Also, are they renting a room with a shared bathroom or living in their own house? If it’s the former, you may want to avoid giving a gift like shower curtain where he might not have the authority to use it in the shared bathroom.

Remember, giving a gift is more about what the person likes and needs instead of what you favor.

cute ornament

“Oh my God! This figurine is so cuteeeeee, I love them so much!!! Let’s buy it for her!”

Please don’t do that!

Taking so many considerations before buying someone a gift might sound complicated. However, in order to choose the RIGHT and PERFECT give, you should always make an effort to show your sincerity. Happy gift giving!

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